Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lots of new knitting designs to come soon

I am still thinking about and designing for 12th scale and have an idea for another book of patterns to work on this summer.  But I fancied a bit of mindless adult knitting for a change and I am just finalising a new design for an adult lady's sweater which will be going out for test knitting soon.

I love knitting in Chunky yarn as it is so quick, but the drawback is that most Chunky designs can add so many inches which you don't need!  I have come up with a sweater design that I am quite pleased with, as it is actually slimming, but very quick and easy to knit.
Watch this space for 'Chunky with a Twist'!  I shall be listing this soon as a free pattern on the blog.

And I know some more designs which are on the way, check out

Happy summer knitting xx

1 comment:

Lucille said...

Thank you. Something nice to look forward to.

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