About me

I first picked up a pair of knitting needles nearly 50 years ago, and taught by my mother I learned most of the techniques by knitting for my dolls. Many years later I have knitted uncounted garments, blankets, toys and baby clothes. I have had stints knitting for a premature baby and stillborn charity, for another charity sending toys to third world countries, and have contributed squares to many blankets.

When I was a child, I can remember knitting on ordinary sewing pins with sewing thread to make tiny scarves and hats – quite a difficult thing to attempt, so when I went back to miniature knitting I decided to look for an easier way. I began to use patterns I found in magazines and on the internet, but didn’t find exactly what I wanted, so started to design my own.

Right from the start I wanted to use easy to obtain materials, and concentrated on patterns which used 2mm knitting needles, with 2 ply yarn, in easy and quick to knit designs. I started with jumpers and trousers for 1:12 scale dolls, and blankets and cushions in 1:12 scale. Before long my head was buzzing with ideas, and I used my knowledge of knitting techniques including cables and lace to make more intricate designs. I particularly enjoyed designing tiny toys such as teddy bears and dolls – not difficult to knit but very eye-catching at just over one inch tall.

Now my range includes all the clothing a dolls house family may need, and furnishings including heirloom and patterned bedcovers, rugs and cushions. I have a Santa Claus outfit for Christmas, patterns for unusual items such as baskets, and a moses basket for the nursery. I even have a knitted dolls house family suitable for a child’s dolls house, which can be dressed in the garments from other patterns. I am working on new patterns all the time, with lots of ideas.

My kits have proved very popular, as they include all the yarn needed to knit the design, avoiding the need to buy lots of different colours.

I am always happy to design a special pattern to your specification, for which I don’t charge as long as it is suitable to add to the range. 
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