Friday, December 22, 2006

A pair of socks for a one-legged woman

So sock number one is finished. It is very warm and cosy and I now have one warm foot. Not too difficult to knit and great fun. I found I needed far fewer rounds than the pattern said (40 not 48) for the foot, and if I was knitting another pair I would probably also put fewer rounds in the leg bit, and a longer rib.

I was disappointed to find that part way through the ball of wool there was a knot, then later on another one. A piece of yarn had been added in which destroyed the sequence of the dying, so I had to undo the knitting and take that bit out, and find the sequence again by discarding part of the ball, then graft the two ends together (you can't have knots in socks, it would be uncomfortable!) Not what you expect when this sock yarn is quite expensive to buy. Perhaps I am just being fussy, but I wanted my pattern to be consistent. When I start the next sock, I shall have to wind some off the ball to find the same place in the sequence to start knitting, as I shall want them to look approximately the same - although from photos I have seen of knitted pairs most knitters don't bother.

Also with the next pair I shall try to get the black and white band to go on each side of the foot shaping as I think this would look better.

Sorry to beepthree for spilling the beans on sock knitting and spoiling your Christmas present surprise :( grovel grovel. I will buy you chocolate to make it up to you, promise.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

More about socks

The sock is coming along just fine! It is a long time since I have knitted socks and had forgotten the fiddley bit required to turn the heel, but I have now done it and am on the home straight along the foot. Really enjoying doing it and this looks like the start of a new obsession. Just hope I will wear them! Looks useful for padding around the house in or for wearing with my walking boots though. I am using short lengths of blue yarn for markers but will have to make some better ones or invest in a pair, as I keep losing the yarn ones. It looks as though there will be a fair bit of yarn left over so I may end up making lots of children or baby socks too. Beepone has caught the bug too and wants me to teach her how to make some over Christmas, and a little bird tells me beeptwo might have a relevant Christmas present. Beepone is willing but not a great knitter, the only completed project to date is a garter knit scarf with designer holes, so socks might be a challenge, but beeptwo is not far behind me in the knitting game (and is much better than me at crochet). Anyone know of a good supply of sock yarn at bargain prices?

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Now that the preChristmas knitting rush is over, I thought I would like a change from miniature knitting, so I have decided to join the big craze of the moment, and knit some socks! I have bought a ball of Opal sock yarn and have started the first few rounds. The yarn is fantastic, lovely to work with, feels really soft and knits up beautifully. I can't wait to see the pattern that comes out at the end. This will be a long term project for just when I get knitting withdrawal symptoms, so I may not be wearing them 'til next winter. Might be the start of a whole range of socks though. Will keep my blog updated with progress.
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