Monday, August 15, 2011

Christmas is here!

My new book of Christmas patterns for the doll's house is now available.

All new miniature knitting patterns for the holiday season, easy to knit using 2 ply yarn and 2 mm knitting needles. 

Patterns included are:
  • Wreath decoration
  • Garland
  • Christmas stockings
  • Father Christmas outfit
  • Mother Christmas outfit
  • Santa hat
  • Pixie outfit
  • Toddler dress
  • Child's sweater and pleated skirt
  • Adult sweater
  • Santa toy
  • Stained glass windows blanket
  • Christmas pudding tea cosy
Available from ebay or the webpage, or contact me for details.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

New collection of bjd knitting patterns for the summer

Anna's new e-booklet of bjd knitting patterns is now available:

Absolutely gorgeous patterns for the summer for your tiny bjd, Lati Yellow size. 
Available from her on Etsy

And I believe she is currently working on the winter collection, so more patterns to come soon.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Coming soon!

Almost finished my next book - this is the Christmas collection.  Lots of seasonal dolls house knitting patterns for the winter holiday season, including garments, decorations and more.
Just putting in the final touches and hopefully it will be available within the next month or so in plenty of time to get the dolls house ready for December.
Here is a preview
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