Sunday, February 27, 2011

Easy to knit miniature knitting patterns for the dolls house

My first booklet of knitting patterns for the dolls house continues to sell well, and I have had many kind comments about how easy the patterns are to knit and the good results. This collection has lots of garments for adult and child dolls, and furnishings such as bedcovers, baskets, tiny toys and tea cosy - over 25 patterns in total.
But my brain is buzzing all the time with new patterns and I have so many that more books will be following - watch this space.
I am also thinking about a publication for tiny bjd patterns when I can find the time!
The book is available from the website

Monday, February 21, 2011

Knitting patterns for Strawberry Shortcake

Yet another doll who fits my patterns :)
These are pictures of Strawberry Shortcake in two of my garments, kindly sent to me from Raquel in Spain:

Photos are copyright msrakel

Hujoo Baby pictures

One of my customers has sent me these lovely photos of her Hujoo Baby in a couple of my jumpers.  This is a 10cm tall doll, so they are a bit oversized, but still look great!  The socks and shoes are mine too.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dolls house and bjd knitting patterns measurements

There are so many tiny dolls out there and I am being asked all the time which dolls my patterns fit.  It can be difficult to know without having the doll in front of me, but I have spent some time gathering together measurements and am fairly confident now about sizing.  My own doll is a Doll Family JoJo (how I would love to have a Lati Yellow) which is a fairly average tiny doll size.  As knitted garments are so stretchy anyway they adapt fairly well to most tiny doll sizes.  All my basic patterns will fit 5 to 6" (13 to 15 cm) dolls house dolls including Heidi Ott, also Pippa, Dawn and Kelly.  Those patterns which are either specially designed for larger heads, or have a front opening such as a cardigan will fit 5 to 7" bjds  (13 to 18 cm) such as American Girl, Rosen Lied Monday child, Lati Yellow, Pukifee, Bobobie Tiny, Ellery Kish and JoJo.  They fit but look oversized on smaller 4 to 5" (10 to 13 cm) PukiPuki, Lati White, Yoshi, and Hujoo baby, although I have adapted patterns and knitted specially for these sizes.  I also have some patterns for dolls house child dolls such as the Heidi Ott children, which are 4" (10cm) tall.
Hope that helps!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Missed a few things

So while I was busy knitting and not blogging I missed a few items of news.
So not forgetting Harry:
And Emily:

AND another wedding:

It's been a busy couple of years.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Don't they just make you smile?

Lovely buttons for knitters

My daughter has just started a shop on Folksy selling buttons and ribbons.  Do have a look, she has chosen some really fun and unusual designs!  Ideal for that special knit or child outfit.
She sells her ready made lovely crafted items at

I am busy working on a second book of knitting patterns for dolls house size dolls, more information soon :)
Meanwhile all my usual patterns, kits and 2 ply miniature knitting yarns are available on the webpage


Wednesday, February 09, 2011

New on the webpage: ready made garments for dolls house and bjd

Due to popular demand :) I am now including ready made tiny garments on the webpage:

Some of these are miniatures for the dolls house, but those which have an opening will also fit small bjd such as Lati, Pukifee and other small dolls up to 7 inches tall.

My jacket with a fluffy mohair edging is particularly popular as it is ideal for an older dolls house doll.
I hope to have more garments up there soon.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

bjd Lati knitted duffle coat

Knitting patterns for bjd - Lati, puki and similar

Gosh it's been a while but decided to resurrect the blog.
I have been very busy knitting and designing patterns, and just lately seem to have been knitting more for bjd (ball jointed dolls). It took me a while to cotton-on, but my customers have told me that the dolls house size also fits lots more dolls, especially the collector bjd tiny dolls. Some other dolls that my garments fit include:
Lati Yellow, Puki and Pukifee, Bobobie tiny, Kelly, Pippa Dawn, Ginny, Ginger, Amanda Jane. And yesterday I was asked to knit for Hujoo Baby which is one I hadn't come across before. As the garments are stretchy they seem to fit any 5 to 7" ish dolls. The only difference between dolls house and the bjd's is the size of the head, but I have sorted out now how to make a big head opening so that is not a problem! My own bjd which I use for sizing and as a model is Doll Family Jojo - not the most attractive and cute I admit and I really must get her a better wig, but she works hard for me posing for photos!
I am always keen to hear of other named dolls - I am trying to collect measurements but must have missed some so any information would be helpful.
Last week I made a tiny duffle coat with hood, and Fimo toggles. Turned out quite cute!
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