Sunday, April 22, 2012

Make do and mend

I always wanted one of those M&S Per Una jackets, you know, the one everyone of a certain age has.  The one with the stripes and big buttons down the front.    They seem to do the same one every season in slightly different colours, so they are obviously a big seller.
I finally bought my version in blues and greys, and although I was told it looked nice I was never completely happy with it, as it gaped at the neck and worse still the flappy opening at the bottom of the button band put inches on where I didn't need them. 
I was brought up in an age when you made do rather than chuck things out, so I decided to modify it.
First I took off the front two bands.  I forgot to take a 'before' photo but here it is with the band placed where it was.
I found some grey 2 ply yarn and picked up along one side, double crocheting to the end.  I carried on until I had a wide double crocheted band then slipped stitched it to the other side to fill the centre.  As the yarn is so fine the band is firm and the crochet stitches are so fine that it just looks like the same fabric as the main parts of the sweater.  Then I sewed the buttons in place.

I am much happier with it now.  I always prefer a sweater to a jacket anyway, it can just be pulled on without having to think about layers to put underneath.  Made do and mended for another day!

1 comment:

Jennifer Jain said...

It looks great, well done!

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