Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How to make little balls of wool in dolls house scale

Easy peasy but very effective, this is a little tutorial in how to make balls of wool for the knitting basket in the dolls house.

You will need:  some fine 2ply yarn, a plastic drinking straw, a darning needle and some ball bands (I took an existing yarn band, scanned and amended to my own 'brand', reduced it in size, and printed it off), and some glue.

Cut the straw into small lengths of about 1cm (half an inch) or so.  Thread the needle with plenty of yarn and double it up.  Holding the end to start, thread it in and out of the straw until it won't take any more, making sure it is completely covered.  Cut off any loose ends.  Cut a yarn label and glue into place around the ball of yarn.

You can make lots in a very short time!


Lucille said...

What a sweet tutorial! Thank you so much!

LadyCartwright said...

awesome! and so easy! thank you very much!

Goldrove said...

Love this can’t wait to try it to make earrings and a bracelet Thanks

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