Wednesday, February 08, 2012

More sweet miniature knitted items listed on ebay today

I have listed more ready knitted 12th scale items for the dolls house on ebay today, including my favourite blanket.  I just love knitting this one; I choose the colours as I go along so no two are the same.  It is knitted in very fine yarn, as one piece with no joins so it drapes beautifully.  See my listings at
Each one takes me 2-3 days to knit, but hey ho, it keeps me busy.

Knitted blanket in 1:12 scale for a dolls house double bed

I have also listed all my knitting books, now with free P&P.  Or all available, together with lots more patterns, for instant download from under my designers name bitstobuy
Thank goodness for cold winter evenings in front of the telly with the knitting needles.

1 comment:

Shazronnie said...

That is so cute!! I have a doll's house in the attic, no room for it downstairs.

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