Sunday, February 26, 2012

Knitting in Brighton!

I just love having a day out in Brighton, and today was smashing because the sun was shining and everywhere was just vibrant and throbbing!  We are only about 40 minutes drive away and as we had to be there early, parking was not a problem, which is sometimes an issue.
We were part of a party taken on a tour by the Sussex Archaeological Society and were shown Brighton landscape relating to the poor and the affluent architecture of the city, round about the railway station.  It is very interesting to be shown round by a knowledgeable guide and we certainly learned a lot and found parts of the city we had never seen before.
Every time I go to Brighton I say I must take a photograph of the knitted Brighton Pavilion in the window of an eating place in the North Laines.  So today I finally remembered to take my camera and here it is:
Thank you to the owner Peter who kindly allowed me to take the photograph.  It is quite famous and can also be found on Ravelry and other places on the web. 
After the walk we sat just inside to have lunch and I was able to look at the construction close up - it is quite a work of art.  And the knitted tea cosies inside are beautiful!  Peter did the knitting, and I have read that he was also responsible for some yarn bombing - the leg warmers that appeared some time ago on the Max Miller statue near to the Royal Theatre.  I did actually see these!  But unfortunately didn't have my camera again, and to some extent when I spotted them I couldn't really believe what I was seeing.  By the time I went again they had gone.
The food was wonderful and we will definitely visit again.
(I don't have any connections with Temptations but can certainly recommend the food and the knitting).
While I was browsing knitting in Brighton I also came across this.  Bizarre.

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