Sunday, January 07, 2007

Two warm feet

Very pleased with my socks! They are lovely and toasty and just right for this cold wet weather. Can't wait to start the next pair.
Quite a lot of yarn left over though. I suspect if I knit them with shorter leg bits I might even get two pairs out of the next ball. I shall have to do some weighing of knitted pieces to see how the yarn will pan out.
Am thinking that I could use some of my 2 ply yarn double to knit socks as that would give the equivalent of 4 ply to use with the same sock pattern. Then they could be in all kinds of stripey patterns as I have got most colours.
Signing out for a while now as am off for an extended period; back at the end of February. Leaving bitstobuy in capable hands so orders (apart from ready knitted items) will be going out as normal.

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