Friday, December 22, 2006

A pair of socks for a one-legged woman

So sock number one is finished. It is very warm and cosy and I now have one warm foot. Not too difficult to knit and great fun. I found I needed far fewer rounds than the pattern said (40 not 48) for the foot, and if I was knitting another pair I would probably also put fewer rounds in the leg bit, and a longer rib.

I was disappointed to find that part way through the ball of wool there was a knot, then later on another one. A piece of yarn had been added in which destroyed the sequence of the dying, so I had to undo the knitting and take that bit out, and find the sequence again by discarding part of the ball, then graft the two ends together (you can't have knots in socks, it would be uncomfortable!) Not what you expect when this sock yarn is quite expensive to buy. Perhaps I am just being fussy, but I wanted my pattern to be consistent. When I start the next sock, I shall have to wind some off the ball to find the same place in the sequence to start knitting, as I shall want them to look approximately the same - although from photos I have seen of knitted pairs most knitters don't bother.

Also with the next pair I shall try to get the black and white band to go on each side of the foot shaping as I think this would look better.

Sorry to beepthree for spilling the beans on sock knitting and spoiling your Christmas present surprise :( grovel grovel. I will buy you chocolate to make it up to you, promise.

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