Saturday, November 18, 2006

Been really busy lately

Gosh been so busy lately knitting tiny jumpers; my needles are red hot. Ebay sales are going really well the last few weeks which I guess is the run up to Christmas - see my current auctions .
Also the latest publication of my patterns in the recent mini-knitting supplement of Dolls House and Miniatures Scene prompted lots of requests for brochures and orders.
It is beginning to quieten down a bit now, and hopefully after Christmas will not be so hectic, as I am away for a few weeks. The business will be left in the capable hands of hubby and the rest of the family staying at home though, so apart from not being able to supply ready knitted items as quickly as usual, orders will be sent out as normal. And I will still be reading and answering email.
Had a day in London this week and drooled over the lovely yarns and knitting patterns in Liberty's. If only there was time to knit them all :)

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