Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sweaters and cardigans

The last few weeks I have been really busy designing a whole sweater collection. I have also cracked the designs for yoked sweaters and cardigans, which I am very pleased with! All my pattern test pieces end up on ebay, and just lately they are being snapped up, so I have obviously found something that collectors really like. I guess it is coming up to Christmas and that they make good presents. So now that I am confident with the cardigan pattern, the next one will be a twin set with pearls.
If you are at the Pudsey fair in November, be sure to check out Julie Bell's dolls at Bellabelle Dolls , they are fabulous. And you may notice a few bitstobuy knitting patterns on her stall as well (thanks Julie)!

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Agatha said...

Thanks for wwriting this

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