Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Busy, busy, busy....

Had a big influx of orders this week for ready knitted items! So in the next few days I will be knitting an heirloom bedspread and cushions, two decorated moses baskets with bedding, an aran jumper, and a little girls dress with underclothes (lessons learned this week: our US friends don't know what knickers are) and hat. With predicted temperatures in the mid 30sC, I will just have to find a cool corner, put the fan on, and hope my fingers don't get too hot. And the pattern I am currently working on for a man's pullover, turn-up trousers and flat cap will go on hold for a few days.
Does everyone else find that knitting takes a back seat when the weather gets hot? The fingers just don't want to be handling tiny woolly stitches.
The bitstobuy family are similarly fully occupied at present: beepone is busy organising her wedding for next year, beeptwo is working very hard on her IT consultancy business www.beeptwo.com and beepthree has just finished uni and moved back home to start his first job as an IT technician next Monday (so more washing for Mum). 'Im outdoors is keeping the kitchen well supplied with lovely fresh veg and fruit from the allotment, and still burning up the bridleways of the South Downs on his mountain bike.
Back to the knitting needles!

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