Saturday, August 10, 2013

Back to craft fairs!

So beeptwo and I ventured into craft fairs again last weekend and displayed buttons, ribbons, card making goods and dolls house knitting.
We were really lucky that the weather was kind with no rain although it was very windy and we spent a lot of time holding onto things.  There was an initial tussle with a gazebo that I won't go in to but we got set up eventually.

It wasn't perhaps the best time of year or venue for our goods but there was enough of a profit to call it a success.  Will we be doing another one later in the year?  We will see.
Anna has a knitting pattern coming out in Knit Now at the end of August (on the cover this time), with another due for publication later in the year, so she is busy as always.

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CPC Wedding Stationery said...

It is so hard to decide whether to do craft fairs or not. Some are good (but very hard to find or often too far away)and some are so disappointing. Lots of reasons why, and it gets harder. I made a decision appx two years ago to reduce the number of events I take part in as well as the distance I will travel and the amount of stall rental I wil pay. I probably miss out on a lot, but feel happier this way. Good luck with your next event. Some of the best things about them is meeting fellow crafters and people who really love our work.

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