Friday, December 21, 2012

Tiny knitted patchwork blankets for the dolls house

I just love knitting the tiny blankets with colourful squares in 12th scale, dolls house sized.  I have lots of different coloured 2 ply yarns, and this is a great way of using up scraps left from knitting garments and other bits.  I like picking the colours as I go along and can confidently say that even though I have knitted dozens over the years, no two are the same.

Here is one all in pink colours:

This one is for sale on the webpage with the ready made items.  I have also done some in blue colourways, also in brights and pastels.  Any combination is possible really.  The trick is to divide colours up into light/medium and dark shades before starting, then to put them alternately, also to try and balance out brights with more subdued colours.  They are knitted in one piece using the intarsia method, so no seaming.

Here is a standard one just done with colours as they come:

This one is currently for sale on ebay.

I find this ideal for that 'mindless' knitting while watching the TV.  So will be working on more over Christmas!

Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year to all.

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Anonymous said...

lovely project to do

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