Sunday, November 25, 2012

Free knitting pattern for a rag rug for the dolls house in 12th scale

Here is a pattern for a dolls house rug, made to look like a traditional rag rug.  Of course it can be made in any size you want, could even be full size if you use big needles and thick or doubled up yarn and more stitches as required.

It is very quick to knit for the dolls house and looks very effective.  A good way to use up all the tiny bits of yarn left over from other projects.

Use all bright colours or all pastels for the best effect.



Materials required:  A pair of 2.00 mm (UK size 14) knitting needles.  Scraps of 2 ply yarn.


Make a ball of random yarn as follows:  cut lengths of different coloured yarns about 4 to 8” (10 – 20 cm) long (or use lengths left over from other projects).  Knot firmly together in random order to make a long length, and wind into a ball.  Wind 2 small balls of black yarn.

Cast on 25 sts in black using the first ball of black.  K 6 rows.

Next row:  k5 black, join in random ball and k15 random, join in second small ball of black and keep on this side of work for left hand border and k5 black.  Make sure that the knots are kept to the wrong side of the work.

Repeat this row until work measures 2 1/2 “ (6 cm) or desired length.  K 6 rows in black.  Cast off.  Trim knots if necessary.
Happy knitting!
Just taking a break for a couple of weeks, back soon.


Lucille said...

Thanks, Helen! I will try this rug. I have not gone back to the doll kit yet, but I will. It's halfway done! Enjoy your break!

Jennifer Jain said...

That's lovely!

Anonymous said...

i shall have a go at the rag rug
i can remember an old lady that had
a full size one

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