Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Free pattern for a 12th scale dolls house miniature knitting Christmas stocking

Here is a pattern for a tiny Christmas stocking for the dolls house in 12th scale.  Plenty of time to get lots of these knitted for Christmas!

This is taken from my Book 2 of knitting patterns.  Lots more Christmas patterns (including a long stripy Christmas stocking) can be found in my Christmas Book of miniature knitting patterns.

Materials:  scraps of one ply or two ply yarn in red and white.  A pair of 2mm knitting needles.

Cast on 4 sts in white.

Inc in every st (8 sts)

Inc purlwise in every st (16 sts)

K two rows.

Join in red and ss 6 rows.

Change to white.

K3, turn, p3.

K4, turn, p4.

K5 white, add in red and k8 in red, k3 in white.

Working in white:

P4, turn, k4.

P5, turn, k5.

Change to red and starting with a p row ss 8 rows.

For cuff:  Change to white and p one row.

Next row:  k4, inc in next st, k6, inc in next st, k4 (18 sts)

Starting with a k row, ss 10 rows.

Cast off.

To make up:  With wrong sides together fold in half and sew cuff seam.  Turn to right sides together and seam around stocking, gathering toe.  Turn right side out and fold cuff down. Make hanging loop with white yarn.

 Copyright Helen Cox 2012

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