Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Not happy

I became the victim of internet fraud this week when I found someone had hacked into my Paypal account (how??? only I know the password and I am very cautious and never respond to spoofs etc, can only assume there was some sort of inside job???).  A bit of research finds that it is quite common - three transactions very close together on my account transferring money to Skype, a total of about $44.  I have never used Skype and don't have an account with them.  It appears that a prepayment account was set up without my knowledge (a sort of Direct Debit).   I was fortunate in that I discovered it very quickly and Paypal have refunded the money within a couple of days.  BUT the really annoying thing is that Paypal have now restricted my account.  I can still take money from customers but can't remove or transfer money, even refunds, or do anything else.  To get back on track I have got to supply Paypal with all sorts of information including photo ID, bank statements etc.   I haven't yet worked out how to do this without having a scanner to email them copies or access to a fax to send them that way (the only way they will accept it), and it will cost me time and money.
I thought it was worth posting this so it will warn others of this scam which is not unusual.  Keep a close eye on emails from Paypal about debits, and check your account regularly.

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