Saturday, February 05, 2011

Knitting patterns for bjd - Lati, puki and similar

Gosh it's been a while but decided to resurrect the blog.
I have been very busy knitting and designing patterns, and just lately seem to have been knitting more for bjd (ball jointed dolls). It took me a while to cotton-on, but my customers have told me that the dolls house size also fits lots more dolls, especially the collector bjd tiny dolls. Some other dolls that my garments fit include:
Lati Yellow, Puki and Pukifee, Bobobie tiny, Kelly, Pippa Dawn, Ginny, Ginger, Amanda Jane. And yesterday I was asked to knit for Hujoo Baby which is one I hadn't come across before. As the garments are stretchy they seem to fit any 5 to 7" ish dolls. The only difference between dolls house and the bjd's is the size of the head, but I have sorted out now how to make a big head opening so that is not a problem! My own bjd which I use for sizing and as a model is Doll Family Jojo - not the most attractive and cute I admit and I really must get her a better wig, but she works hard for me posing for photos!
I am always keen to hear of other named dolls - I am trying to collect measurements but must have missed some so any information would be helpful.
Last week I made a tiny duffle coat with hood, and Fimo toggles. Turned out quite cute!

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