Saturday, September 02, 2006

Have you had a problem ordering from the webpage?

Sometimes I am contacted by customers who have been unable to get an order through the webpage. When this happens I check the ordering system carefully, and my webmaster checks the programming, but it works for us. I don't know why some people can sometimes have a problem and just wonder if it is to do with individual computer settings. If it happens to you, please send me an email to and I will send a brochure and order form to order by mail.
Just wanted to emphasise that I can't take credit or debit card numbers by email or on the 'phone; this is for your own protection as I can't provide a secure link. Payments made in this way through the webpage are handled by a secure third party, Paypal, and customers are linked to their site after sending in an order. You can pay here in two ways - if you already have your own Paypal account you can transfer funds from there, but if you do not, you do not have to open a Paypal account. This is not transparently clear on their site (after all they want your business!), but by clicking the link to say you do not have an account, you can pay in the normal way with a credit or debit card, and it doesn't cost you anything. Many shopping sites on the internet use this system and it works well. Of course if you choose to send a cheque or PO instead I am more than happy as I have to pay commission to Paypal!
If I get an order through the webpage without payment, I usually sit on it for a couple of weeks in case payment arrives through the post, but after that I will contact you by email or 'phone in case there is a problem.
Hope that helps!

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